Some stories just hurt to have to report. This is one of those.

Our news partner, KWTX, reports that a local landscaper may have taken advantage of an elderly customer with dementia.

In late June, the Bell County Grand Jury indicted Lus Fuentes Sr. of L&J Lawn Service, charging him with theft over $30,000, but under $150,000 from an elderly individual.

Fuentes Sr is accused of overcharging an 87-year-old customer for lawn services. Prosecutors allege he offered the woman a senior discount and had her sign a contract for an annual charge of $3,600. However, records indicate she was charged a total of $76,145 over seven years. She was apparently charged the agreed upon annual charge multiple times per year, which additional, unexplained charges showing up as well.

The alleged overcharging was reportedly discovered by the woman's son, who reported it in January. Fuentes Sr was arrest back in May and bonded out of jail.

Note: All parties are entitled to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty after due process of law.

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