There's a fine line between being overly protective of your children and giving people the benefit of the doubt. Many parents probably don't want strangers getting too close to their child or touching them, but many parents still allow it. I believe it's because we, as humans, want to trust our neighbors. But some people just aren't to be trusted.

Heather Hibler was in this predicament yesterday at a Target parking lot in Harker Heights.

After shopping with her nearly 5-month-old and husband, Heather and her child resided to the backseat of the vehicle while her husband packed the groceries (such a gentleman). It was roughly 6:30 p.m. when she was getting ready to feed her baby and then a very tiny Asian woman dressed in slacks and a floral shirt approached her, gesturing for the baby.

The woman could not speak English and at first, Heather was apprehensive, saying it was time for her to feed. Eventually Heather gave in and after a moment, the small woman begin walking away with Heather's baby.

She intercepted the woman and took her child back. As the family got in the car and locked the door, the woman tried to get in the passenger seat. They were finally able to drive away with no harm done, but Heather wanted to share her story - stressing the importance of keeping your children with you at all times and knowing when it's OK to say "no".

"Part of me felt like I would just be snowballing a small situation, but another part of me thought it could be something serious," said Heather about her Facebook post. "I wanted other people's opinions."

"Hopefully if anyone sees this story, they'll feel like it's OK to be dramatic when it comes to dealing with strangers and their children," she added.

Her post from last night has brought out strong response from local communities, many trying to understand what the small woman was up to.

"A lot of people were saying she could have been trying to steal my child for trafficking," she said. "Some considered a mental disorder."

In the end we won't really know, but what is important is staying vigilant when it comes to protecting your children.

Thank you Heather Hibler for sharing your scary story with us.