Texas Independence Day is March 2nd. Will you celebrate with a special Lone Star?

Via Lone Star Brewery

News4SA is reporting that Lone Star has printed up special cans to salute the courage of a bunch of rebellious settlers who took on Mexico near Gonzales during the Texas Revolution.

In 1831, Gonzales settlers were granted a cannon from Mexico to help protect them from the Comanche. A few years later, relations with the Mexican government became...let's say "strained". Mexican states were revolting, and the government was nervous about those restless Texans up north doing the same. When a commander with the Mexican Army requested the cannon be returned, the settlers at Gonzales refused.

100 soldiers were sent to take it back. Two days later, a battle loomed as the townspeople refused to give up the cannon. Two young ladies prepared a flag to express the settler's feeling. It was a picture of a cannon and the words "Come and Take It".

The settlers held off the 100 Mexican soldiers. It was known as the Battle of Gonzales, and it was the first battle of the Texas Revolution against Mexico.

This year, celebrate Texas Independence by tipping back a few special Lone Stars!