85-year-old Joe Mack Roy of Longview, Texas is a celebrity all over East Texas thanks to his grandson chronicling conversations online.

Roy's grandson Jason started recording all of their interactions and putting them up on a Facebook page in June of 2017 because his friends urged him to. Now Pop Watch has almost 2 million followers because of the endearing 85 year old Pop, who just tells it like it is.

Chances are several of your friends on Facebook have shared videos of Pop Watch. I now have a koozie to keep my drinks cold that says "Get Back in the House" -  one of Pop's most popular sayings.

It turns out my boyfriend's mom isn't just a fan of Pop, but she visits with him on her morning walks. They live a couple of blocks away from each other and she has been lucky enough to enjoy a cold Dr. Pepper on the porch with him.

If you have seen the Pop Watch videos, you already know Pop loves the ladies and they're always welcome to stop by on their jogs and walks.

Cindy Hudgins
Cindy Hudgins

Pop is now getting national coverage. Inside Edition recently aired a story on the Longview, Texas family. We expect several people on the West and East Coast will fall in love with our Southern Pop! Watch the video Inside Edition did below!

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