Catch Up

Recent news has probably let you know by now that  the University of Texas and Oklahoma had already announced that they’re not renewing their contract with the Big 12 in 2025. Most of this has led to the assumption that they want to go to the SEC.

The Exit Plan

The next step of the exit plan would be to send in a formal request to the SEC for entry. Well, that’s actually just happened. The official Twitter of the SEC posted on the morning of the 27th that the two schools had formally requested an invitation to the Southeastern Conference.

What Happens Next?

If you want a full, in-depth breakdown of what exactly needs to happen next, you need to read the article AZ just put out from US105. But the short version of this is that the ball is officially in the SEC’s court following the request for invitation from the two schools.

Making Waves

The thing that’s so important to remember when considering what this move really means is that college football is BIG BUSSINESS for most states. A move of this magnitude can have a massive effect on the economy in many sports-focused states. 

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Lt. Gov. Steps In

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The significance of the move on the state has not gone unnoticed. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is forming a Senate Select Committee on the Future of College Sports in Texas. 

What’s That? 

Its a committee put together to gauge the impact of big moves in college sports for the state of Texas. The remaining Big 12 teams will feel the impact from the move. Some concerns have already been expressed by other schools in Texas.

Texas Sized Impact

Baylor, TCU, and Texas Tech - those are the programs and communities that will feel the impact of this move. Baylor already released a statement expressing their concern for the move and its potential effects on the community. This was surely taken into account by Lt. Gov. Patrick when he decided to form this committee.

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