KWTX reported that a man from Waco demanded that another man who was involved in an affair, pay $15,000 to him in order for it to remain a secret. Well that man who demanded that money, was sentenced by a Waco courtroom to probation on Wednesday.

The judge who sentenced the man was, Matt Johnson in the 54th District Court. The man who made the demands, who was sentenced, was Charles Henobe Dudzinski, 31. Dudzinski was sentenced to four years on deferred probation, and also $7,250 in restitutuion to the man he demanded money from. Dudzinski also was hit with a $750 fine.

The state offered the sentence to Dudzinski after the prosectors and defense attorney conversed to reach a plea bargain in the matter. The victim said, "Dudzinski threatened to show his family a video of him and a woman who was not his wife having sex."

The woman who the victim was having the affair with, was a dancer at the Showtime Club in Waco on LaSalle Avenue at the time. She was paid $200 for each time they had sex together. Dudzinski found video of the sexual acts on the woman's cell phone, and came up with the scheme to get some money.

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