CBS Austin reported that a man in Austin is facing charges of assault on two police officers last week.

Reports from the an affidavit linked to the case, said that Austin authorities arrived to the North Austin H-E-B located at North Lamar and Rundberg.

Authorities were sent out to the scene, after employees asked a man and woman to leave after they were just riding the store's electric carts outside.

An Austin Police officer was working security at the H-E-B location, and told the couple to leave the store. The man riding the electric carts outside the store was, Tracy Owens. Owens, a 30-year-old man, said he was not going to leave and became irate with the officer.

The Austin officer attempted to arrest the man, and Owens pulled away from the officer. Owens had a bag of potato chips, and hit the officer with them causing the bag to blow up. Owens punched the officer in the throat to evade arrest further, and the officer shot his taser at Owens.

The shock of the taser didn't slow down Owens, but the officer threatned to shock him again and it caused him to stop. More officers arrived to put Owens in a squad car, and he hit an officer with his head before being secured in the vehicle.

Owens was charged with assault on a peace officer, which is a second degree felony.

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