A man who took on the the task of walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific in honor of his friend passed through Waco this weekend.

Our friends at KWTX report that John Martin's goal of walking from coast to coast was inspired by his friend Ernie Andrus. Ernie made the trip from 2013 - 2016 and finished his trip one day after turning 93 years old. Ernie was the oldest person to complete the the 2,700 mile trip and is a WWII veteran.

Ernie completed the trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic then decided to do the trip in reverse, so in 2019 he set out to do it. He only made it a little of 900 miles when his health began to fail. John decided to finish the trip for "Ernie's Walk."

The goal is to finish the walk in Mission Beach San Diego on Ernie's 100 birthday, August 23, 2021. The walk also has a goal to raise money for the LST 325 memorial in Indiana. The LST 325 is a WWII era ship identical to the one Andrus served on.

Hat's off to Mr. Martin for finishing the walk for his friend. Safe travels and thanks for making Waco a spot on your destination.

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