A prep school in Baltimore, Maryland was evacuated Thursday and a hazmat crew called to investigate after complaints of a strange odor. Turns out it was just the pungent smell of fall.

It happened at Crito Rey Jesuit High School around 2:30 PM yesterday. According to a report shared by KXAN-TV, the hazmat crew performed two tests for toxic materials before discovering the smell was coming from a pumpkin spice air freshener plugged into a socket on the third floor.

Two students and two adults were hospitalized after complaining of nausea, and several people were treated at the scene.

We've never called in a hazmat crew, but we've had to air out the building a few times in past autumn seasons due to someone trying to freshen this place up with potent candles and scented waxes. Maybe the plug-in manufacturers can ease up on the ethyl maltol.

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