This is why you ALWAYS look before you sit on the throne!

The Bee County Sheriff's Office posted photos Saturday of a massive snake that crawled into a Beeville man's home through his toilet. In this case it was a blue indigo, which is a non-venomous snake that eats venomous snakes. Still, it could have been a dangerous species, and besides, who wants ANYTHING crawling through their toilet?

Wade Vielock told KSAT-TV his 6-year-old son spotted the serpent when it was halfway out of the commode and alerted his dad. Vielock called a taxidermist friend of his, who recommended Vielock do the sensible thing and call the police.

Bee County Sheriff's Deputy Lindsay Scotten took the call. When she arrived, the snake had made its way to a vanity fixture in the bathroom. She was able to safely retrieve it, and posed for photos.

"The deputy told me that she can't kill a cockroach, but she will grab a snake," Vielock told KSAT. "I told her she can call me anytime she wants and I'll come kill all the cockroaches she wants if she gets that snake out of the house."

The snake was released safely outside. Hopefully it's still out there patrolling for dangerous critters.

Summer is here, folks, and that means snakes are becoming active. Keep an eye out and don't take any chances! If one gets into your home, call your local police or animal control.

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