Start teaching your child how money works in the real world as soon as possible. Saturday, April 8th, McCoy's in Belton has the perfect way.

Everybody has set up a lemonade stand before. Sure, make some lemonade, haul it out to the curb, cop a squat, and wait for the thirsty mob to come running up.

Yeah, that never worked for me. I lived on a dead-end street, so traffic was an issue. I hated the sunshine so I would only set up shop on a cool day. Looking back, that wasn't very smart. Also, I had a tough time between salt and sugar, so sometimes the lemonade was not too refreshing.

You see, I didn't have anyone to show me the ropes. Well this Saturday, according to Eventbrite, the fine folks at McCoy's in Belton have the kids covered.

In honor of Lemonade Day, they decided to hold a free event where they'll teach the kids to be the boss. It's the Belton Build-a-Stand Workshop and it'll give kids helpful tips on how first build a lemonade stand, which includes staining, sanding, and painting the structure. They'll also have tips on how to start, own, and operate the business.

So parents, if you want your child to learn a good life lesson on business, this event is for you, but you have to register. The event is only 2 hours long, from 10 a.m. to Noon Saturday, April 8th, and it's free.


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