KWTX is reporting the overnight robbery of Mickey's Convenient Store on Westcliff Road in Killeen.

Police responded to a call just after 2 AM from a cashier at Mickey's who told KWTX it's the fourth time since he began working at the store that he has been robbed at gunpoint. That's certainty enough for anyone in one lifetime.

The Mickey's employee told police he was robbed by a female wearing a black sweater and blue bandanna that covered her face. The woman showed the clerk a gun and demanded cash. When the employee told the woman he didn't have any cash in his drawer, she fled the scene on foot.

No one was injured and the would-be thief got away.

Mickey's employee Julius Burton told KWTX,  "I'm just hoping some of these kids would realize, these stores don't have money in it, so stop trying to rob these stores. There's other things you can do out there. Get a job, do some volunteer work, cut some grass if you've got to. Stop trying to rob people, stop being bums, get a life."

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