We have great news for people who love getting outdoors in Central Texas! Miller Springs Nature Center next to the Belton Dam will officially reopen this week!

Temple Parks and Recreation teamed up with Belton Parks and Rec and the Army Corps of Engineers to make it happen. The park will be open to the public beginning at 8 AM Thursday, May 31st. Regular park hours will be 8 AM to dusk, and an official reopening ceremony will take place in June. (Details to be announced.)

Last year, the Miller Springs Alliance surrendered the lease to the nature center to the Corps of Engineers, citing a decline in membership and funding. Fearing this would mean the permanent closure of the park, a local woman, Vanessa Duke, started a change.org petition to save Miller Springs. The petition rapidly gained signatures, and that caught the attention of the three parties involved in the park's 2018 reopening.

“We knew we could not let this unique property close down, but also knew this was going to be a huge undertaking and couldn’t do it alone,” said Kevin Beavers, Director of Temple Parks & Recreation. “Many repairs and maintenance issues needed to be addressed to make the area safe for visitors once again. After several volunteer clean up days and the dedication of two full-time City of Temple Parks Maintenance employees, the Center is now ready to reopen.”

This is fantastic news for people who like to enjoy the beauty and peace a visit to Miller Springs provides. It's a great way to reset yourself after a stressful week and a fantastic place to visit with your family.

If you've never been, click here to see a map of how to get there. It's just north of the Belton Dam spillway.

For additional information on the Miller Springs Nature Center, please call The City of Temple Parks & Recreation Department at 254-298-5690 or the City of Belton Parks & Recreation Department at 254-933-5860. For individuals or groups interested in volunteering, please contact the City of Belton Parks & Recreation Department.

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