These days, it seems every kid as a smartphone. Parents concerned about their kids' behavior often take their phones away as a form of discipline. I doubt any of those parents expect to be arrested for it.

Sadly, that's exactly what happened to Jodie May of Ottawa County, Michigan earlier this year. It wasn't until this week that she was vindicated in a court of law.

KTRK shared the story Thursday afternoon. Jodie May told reporters she was arrested on Saturday, May 12 - the day before Mother's Day - as she was nursing her then 4-month-old baby. She was charged with misdemeanor theft after apparently taking away her 15-year-old daughter's iPhone 6 back in April as a punishment.

May's ex-husband reportedly gave the iPhone to the girl as a Christmas gift, and May says it was he who reported the "theft" to police. May spent two hours in jail before posting $200 bond.

Minutes after May's trial began, a judge ruled that the phone belonged to the woman's daughter and dismissed the case. I can only imagine how hard the judge's eyes rolled when he or she saw the case file.

The prosecutor in the case didn't want to comment on camera (I assume from embarrassment), but he and the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office say the deputy was only doing his job and that May never told him the phone belonged to her daughter.

Somehow I doubt that.

Check out the video report below and try not to shake your head so much that you hurt your neck.

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