UPDATE: KISD officials and military police have determined that the driver of the SUV was a grandmother taking photos of her grandchild.

Recess was cut short at Montague Village Elementary School Thursday after children and staff reported seeing the driver of an SUV taking photos of them with a cell phone.

Killeen ISD officials issued a safety alert and call to parents about the incident, which reportedly occurred around lunchtime.

According to the alert, students were enjoying lunch recess on a school playground when faculty members reportedly spotted a white Chevy SUV driving slowly around the perimeter of the play area.

A student told adults they saw someone inside the vehicle taking pictures of the playground with their phone.

According to staff, the children were immediately moved safely inside the school as a precaution and MP's were alerted. The MP's were investigating the incident and patrolling the area Thursday afternoon.

Children were being kept indoors at the school to ensure their safety.

A faculty member managed to snap a picture of the suspicious vehicle, which captured a partial license plate number. The characters AS8 and 99 are clearly visible.

Image Courtesy of Killeen ISD
Image Courtesy of Killeen ISD

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