With summer being here now, the families are looking for family fun activities to participate in. Temple has a new location opening, that may qualify as a family fun option for you. Little Land Play Gym is where this family fun will be located at, and is looking to make their mark here in Temple.

Little Land Play Gym is located at 4311 South 31st St #105, and is located in the shopping center where the Field House Gym is located. This play gym of Little Land is set up to help children grow, by playing in an environment which will help them develop.

For example, Little Land Play Gym offers a summer camp for children, that offers educational benefits, social skills, and motor skills. The employees there want to provide a place to offer children all of the fun in the world, while benefiting there skills in life as well.

Little Land Play Gym is based more in the Austin to San Marcos area, but Temple could be the first of many to pop up here and to the north. Check out Little Land Play Gym for the family, and see what all they fun they have to offer for your family.

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