UPDATE: It looks like Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head are going to remain part of the Hasbro line, though it's not entirely clear how that will work. It appears that removing gender titles from packaging is ultimately a cost-saving measure that will allow the company to toss a plastic potato and as many accessories into a single package as possible.

"The Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head toys were already made out of the same potato-shaped base but came with different gendered accessories", a report from WDWNT reads. "A single Potato Head toy set will make marketing and packaging simpler for Hasbro."

So long Mr. Mister Potato Head and hello...Potato Head? Yep, that's where we are now.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, Hasbro has decided that Mr. Potato Head will be gender neutral from here on out. The change is expected some time this year.

The change comes as other toymakers have also been making changes to some of their most popular lines over the last few years. For Example, Barbie has changed her skin tone and body shape as a way to relate to more girls. American Girl now sells a boy doll as well. Even Thomas the Tank Engine has added more girl characters to its world.

I agree that some changes should be made, but in my opinion, changing Mr. Potato Head does nothing for the movement and is really going overboard. They already have a female version of the potato head, so what about Mrs. Potato Head? Are they just gonna discontinue her altogether? Mash her up with butter and sour cream and pretend she never existed? No, they won't, but Hasbro did say that both will live on in some form although no details have been given as of yet.

Ali Mierzejewski, editor in chief at toy review site The Toy Insider,  says “It’s setting this new standard.” Meaning that dropping the "Mr." could help encourage other companies to keep toys gender neutral as well.

Yea, I still think it's going too far. Some things are identified by their gender. Don't kids also need to learn about different genders? A toy truck is gender neutral. So is a Ring Pop. Apparently having both a Mr. and a Mrs. Potato Head was just too confusing for the little ones.

Perhaps I'm just note "woke" enough yet.

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