There's some good news in 2022 for disabled veteran landowners, restaurants that serve alcohol, chicken owners, and possibly the power grid (we'll have to wait and see on that one).

Starting January 1st in Texas, twenty-three bills will become new laws. About 14 bills that were already laws will have subsections that take effect at the same time.

When Were These Laws Passed?

All of these bills were passed during the regular session of the 87th Legislature. While most deal with tax requirements or exemptions, there are some that might surprise you.

What Is The Most Controversial Bill?

The bill with some of the most controversy for the new year is Senate Bill 23.

The Republican authors of the law claim it was designed against 'defunding the police'. Critics say it will make local control of county budgets more difficult.

The wording of the bill states that it requires counties to hold an election to 'reduce or reallocate funding or resources' for certain county law enforcement agencies, but it only applies to counties of over one million in population.

Alcohol Sales And Food Delivery

SB 911 is good news for most Texas restaurants. Those holding certain alcoholic beverage permits or licenses will be eligible for a food AND beverage certificate, depending on what percentage of alcohol sales they have.

It also will make delivering alcohol easier, by reducing purchasing restrictions. Once law, the bill will add regulations for third-party delivery services, making fees more transparent to restaurants and customers.

Law Affecting Veterans

SB 794 is good news for disabled vets. It exempts homestead taxes for all veterans who are classified by the Department of Veterans Affairs as 100% disabled.

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The New Laws About The Power Grid

Senate Bill 2 will require more ERCOT board members. Everyone on the board also has to live in Texas. Seems reasonable. Maybe we should have passed this one sooner!

Senate Bill 3 mandates that power companies upgrade their power plants and transmission lines to better withstand extreme weather.

What About Chicken & Rabbit Owners?

This one is my favorite. HB 2535 will forbid tax assessors from including personal chicken coops or rabbit pens from being included in the value of a home. Good news, especially if you like to count your chickens before they hatch.

See the full list of bills set to become laws here.

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