Admit it - when all of us were younger, we dreaded getting on the school bus. The constant waiting for other kids to get on the bus, trying to possibly get a seat to yourself, or if you were like me, trying to lug a huge instrument onto the bus to take home wasn't fun, so why is this unique Airbnb in Austin, Texas so charming?


Navigating childhood school bus territory and politics was so time consuming and most importantly annoying. If there was only a way for travelling to school to be more comfy.

For example, maybe a big TV in the cabin? Or pillows on the seats? Maybe some type of snack to have while going home?

Well unfortunately we can't solve that problem, but we can show you another use for a school bus. And this time, you'll wish you could actually drive the school bus around.

Behold this refurbished bus in Austin, Texas. As described on the listing by

"Relax on plush sofas, cook in a gourmet kitchen, snuggle in bed & enjoy the 43" smart TV. Warm up next to a wood burning fireplace or stay cool with remote controlled A/C. Meander down the path for a picnic or fish along the stream; stargaze from the private deck with a fire pit for s'mores. Definitely a unique and memorable experience!"

So while the bus stays put, you can absolutely go outside and walk around. It's like going to school, but instead of classes, you get to explore the outdoors.

It almost feels like a new field trip everyday now that I think about it. But enough talk -  let's take a gander at this vehicle-turned-Airbnb.

No Fares Needed: Go Back to School With This Bus Airbnb in Austin, Texas

When all of us were younger, we dreaded getting on the school bus, so why is this unique Airbnb in Austin, Texas so charming? The wheels on this bus don't go 'round and 'round, but board it and you'll be on the fastest route to rest and relaxation.

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