I love game shows. I think it started with those summers and sick days as a kid watching The Price is Right with Bob Barker and the beautiful showcase models. Everything was so flashy and fun, and it was always a thrill to see someone win big.

Over the years, I really got into Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, since they were both on after school. Nowadays we have the Game Show Network, with 24/7, wall-to-wall game shows to keep me yelling answers at the TV and pumping my fist when somebody takes home the grand prize.

Texas Has a Favorite Game Show

There's certainly no shortage of awesome game shows to keep us entertained, but there's one classic show that really stands above the rest, and the numbers show that Texans absolutely love it.

No Surprise Here

So, what's Texas' favorite game show?

I don't think the answer will shock anyone: It's Family Feud.

Survey Says...

That's according to the folks at Coventry Direct, who dove deep into Google Analytics data to find which classic game show people were searching for the most.

Not Just Texas

Again, I don't think this will surprise anyone - Family Feud was ranked #1 across the United States.

Why It Doesn't Surprise Me

When it comes to game shows, watching people win can be a thrill, but let's be honest - a lot of us love to see people lose spectacularly. I'm not saying that to be cruel, and I'm not talking about the people who play the game right, but just don't have any luck.

No, I'm talking about the people who blurt out answers that are so absurd or inappropriate that you can't help but laugh out loud and wonder what planet they're from.

Family Feud is the Ultimate Game Show

That's what makes Feud so beautiful. Current host Steve Harvey is hilarious and charismatic, and he's surrounded by average people who are put on the spot. There are elements of chance, but just enough freedom of choice to give us amazing moments like this.

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The Host with the Most

Steve Harvey and Family Feud are a match made in Heaven. The man has one of the most expressive faces in showbiz, and he isn't afraid to say exactly what the audience is thinking.

What Other Favorites Topped the List?

Name that Tune, The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortunte, Jeopardy!, Jackpot, Let's Make a Deal, Match Game, and the Newlywed Game were all favorites that popped up across the U S of A.

What's Your Favorite?

As much as I love Family Feud, it's not currently my favorite game show. That honor goes to The Hustler, hosted by Craig Ferguson.

The show starts with five contestants who have to answer questions based on the life of the hustler - one of the five who secretly knows all the answers, and is out to take all the money for themselves. The hustler has to balance trying to contribute to getting right answers and building up the prize pot without giving away the fact that they know the correct responses. Oh, and they get to secretly vote other contestants off.

What can I say? I love the drama and betrayal involved.

That said, Family Feud is definitely one of my favorites. It's absolutely hilarious hearing what people will come up with under pressure and seeing Steve Harvey react.

What's your favorite game show?

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