A family in Nolanville has arguably one of the best birthday traditions ever.

The children of Moehlenbrock family donate to charity every year on their birthdays. Of most recent memory, 10-year-old John Zachary (he's called J.Z. for short), recently donated his birthday money to Fort Hood Area Habit for Humanity.

J.Z. had asked his friends to bring cash in lieu of birthday presents for his birthday party. He wanted to donate to Habitat and that's what he explained to Ken Cates, the Executive Director of Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity.

J.Z. told KCEN TV:

Instead of getting those kinds of toys that they don't sometimes even play with, they could give to the community and help people that are in need.

The idea came to him when he saw an ESPN story about his favorite college football player, Deshaun Watson - the quarterback for the Clemson Tigers. From the story he learned that Watson grew up in a Georgia home built by Habitat for Humanity. He knew what he wanted to do right then and there.

J.Z. donated his birthday money, which was $70 and while that doesn't seem like much it does more than one thing. The $70 paid for two windows currently under construction in Killeen, and it prompted another $58 donation over the next two days.

What's even better is that J.Z. even got to meet his hero thanks to Habitat for Humanity. It's an amazing story that comes full circle.

"I wanted to plant a seed and the seed would grow and sprout and other people would start doing it," J.Z. told KCEN.

If you would like support Fort Hood Area Habitat for Humanity by donating or volunteering, visit their website, www.fhahfh.org/home.aspx.

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