Has anybody spotted this man who clearly was born with a terrible football deformity?

Over in Ponca City, Oklahoma local police have shared photos of a robbery suspect. Apparently on Sunday, a man came into a local Stop N Go with a gun while wearing a football mask. Fun fact, I have this exact mask sitting in my garage and NO this is not me.

Police believe this is a heavier set male around 5 feet, 6 inches tall. Hopefully the football head does not start a string of robberies in the area and we suddenly have a crime spree on our hands. No word on how much money he got away with.

I got to be honest, if I was a cashier, I would honestly chuckle for a second if I saw this guy walk into my store. Honestly, the folks in Ponca City are having a field day in the comment section with this one.

bro this town so cracked that even the sports equipment is turning to a life a crime


That is Stewie Griffin


Maybe he needed the money for dental work.


Hey Arnold! took the wrong path. Ol’ football-headed thief

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