Oncor representatives are warning the public of two scammers reportedly impersonating Oncor personnel and offering false information to area seniors.

Our news partner, KWTX, reports that Oncor has received reports of two men in orange vests going door-to-door and "misrepresenting" electric delivery and billing information. The pair have reportedly been visiting homes in Elm Mott, Lacy Lakeview and Bellmead.

Aside from the orange vests, they also have business cards with Oncor imaging.

Oncor officials say they do not send salespeople directly to homes, and that if you ever have any doubts about an Oncor representative's legitimacy, you can verity with the company by calling 888-313-6862.

The warning from Oncor comes days after police in Temple warned of an increase in fraudulent phone calls in Central Texas. In either the case of a scam call or home visit, it's important to ask plenty of questions, not give away any personal information, and always ask if there is a way to contact a supervisor or head office via phone. Once you have that information, close your door or hang, then call your local police department's non-emergency line and ask for help verifying the information. (You can also Google the information you've been given.)

Also remember that the IRS and most other government agencies, including law enforcement, typically contact people via mail. The IRS in particular is not going to call you and demand immediate payment with the threat of jail time.

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