Yet another ex-local law enforcement official has been taken down by the long arm of justice.

According to a report from the WacoTrib, former Beverly Hills Police Chief Thomas Eugene Schmidt has been arrested and charged with felony theft.

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Schmidt has been charged with theft by a public servant of $2,500 or more but less than $30,000 and is facing 2-10 years in prison. It's believed that Schmidt was relieved of his duties around March 3, but somehow on or about March 26, Schmidt stole money and firearms from the Beverly Hills Police Department and the City of Beverly Hills.

(Ironically, Schmidt was a victim of theft back in 2019.)

Honestly, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO tired of the corruption in Central Texas. I really am just so disgusted, and the little trust I ever had in law enforcement is withering away quickly.

BTW, thank you to the officers out there who aren't abusing their positions.

Now, let's just go through a quick review of local officers under investigation:

There's the ex-Chief of Police in Crawford who's under investigation for sexual assault, or how about the ex-Hamilton Police Chief who's under investigation for sexual abuse of a child? Don't worry, I couldn't possibly forget the Falls County Sheriff facing charges for felony assault on a public servant, sexual assault, and misdemeanor official oppression.

If that wasn't enough for you, there's also the former Bruceville-Eddy police officer who's been charged with prostitution of a minor and sexual assault. Oh, and then of course the former Killeen police officer who was indicted after allegedly making unwanted sexual advances to a woman while acting as an officer of the law.

Ya feeling safe yet? Yeah, me too! It's utterly ridiculous that these men have taken advantage of their positions of power to inflict harm upon others. Where does this corruption end?


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