Our neighbors had a garage sale and we missed it!

When we heard music coming from Northwest Hills Storage, we stuck out heads out the back door and saw tents. Naturally we thought carnival, and though were were sad not to see a Ferris wheel, we did find some homemade jam and organic pest repellent! Not bad!

However, we were late to the party, and they started packing up shortly before 2 PM.

We talked with Chris, an employee of Northwest Hills Storage, who told us that they'll have another garage sale there on Saturday, October 14, and they plan to have one every month.

Northwest Hills Storage is located at 515 Cottingham Dr between our studios at 608 Moody Lane and Airport Road. If you know where Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is, Northwest Hills isn't difficult to spot.

Thanks to the nice people at Homemade Jams by DebbieAugust Sisters Homespun Emporium, and DJ Lowrider for the info! They'll be at the next garage sale, but you can check them out online in the meantime.

Also, thanks again to Northwest Hills Storage for being good neighbors to the Townsquare Media family. We still remember that time you helped us put out a fire by our back porch.

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