A New York couple who took their 30-year-old son to court because he refuses to move out have won their case, and a judge has ordered that the freeloader get his own place.

NPR reports that Christina and Mark Rotondo of Camillus, NY took their son, Michael, to court after he ignored their pleas that he get a job and get his own home. The parents began issuing written notices to Michael back in February, offering to help him with expenses, job hunting, and finding an apartment.

Michael, who represented himself in court, argued that he wasn't being given the courtesies that normal tenants receive, despite also saying that he's never contributed rent or a  helping hand around the house.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Michael has no right to keep living in his parents' house if they don't want him there, and he has to get out. Michael is expected to appeal.

The judge didn't go so far as recommending the parents whoop his ass, but then again, it's about 20 years too late for that.

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