More and more parents are turning to homeschooling during this pandemic, and a new store in Belton will offer much needed supplies.

According to a report from our news partners at KWTX, a new store called Homeschool House has opened at 2152 North Main Street in Belton. The shop sells homeschooling resources for parents and children, and fills a major hole in the Central Texas market.

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Along with supplies, Homeschool House will also offer approximately a dozen classes like:

  • Photography
  • Spanish
  • Knitting & Crochet
  • Theater
  • Creative Writing
  • Introduction to Film
  • Make and Take Mixed Media Art

Allison Wilson owns Homeschool House, and has been homeschooling her son for the past eight years. Wilson says that she frequently traveled to Houston in order to find supplies for homeschooling her son, as it was the closest location with supplies she could view in person.

Many times, Wilson would be disappointed when ordering homeschooling supplies online. Wilson figured that she probably wasn't alone in her quest to find supplies that actually worked for herself and her child, so she decided to open her own homeschooling supply store.

Wilson and her teachers will also offer tutoring to students being home-schooled, and even students attending public school. For more information and to view materials, visit Wilson's website.

Have you become more interested in homeschooling since the pandemic?

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