This could be the most disturbing story of 2016. is reporting that the two Odessa parents, who are were in court on child pornography charges could be making a deal.

This past Tuesday Daniel and Amanda James entered a "not guilty" plea on Tuesday, and then were offered a plea agreement on Wednesday. They have until the 19th of January to reach an agreement on the deal otherwise their trial begins in February.

The FBI investigated the couple for child pornography, and issued a search warrant for their home back in August.

It was reported that the couple was not home during the start of the search, but three children aged 9,11, and 14 were.


While the search was going on Daniel James attempted to drive the home. He was spotted, recognized and pulled over. The FBI served a warrant for his cell phone. It seems they found some disturbing texts between the couple were found.

The report showed that Daniel indicated he was going to sodomize the boys in exchange for favorable treatment like not receiving spankings. Gotta question that thinking. Yep. I'd take the beating.

One of the children featured in images that were shared via text between the couple was interviewed during the search warrant and said that he and his younger brother were forced to engage in oral sodomy at least three times in the weeks prior with Daniel. Plus Daniel recorded the act on his cell phone.


Charges include receipt and possession of child pornography for Amanda James. While Daniel James was charged with production and possession of child pornography. Both have been found competent to stand trial. Not sure if they deserve to be on this planet, but at least they can stand trial.