Temple police and Belton ISD have identified the person behind a social media threat which led to an increased police presence at North Belton Middle School Tuesday as a 14-year-old girl.

The girl claims the threat was only a joke, but officials are pursing criminal charges.

Alex Cano, KWTX
Alex Cano, KWTX

According to a statement from Temple Police Dept. spokesperson Ellen Morton, a felony criminal case surrounding the girl's actions has been completed and forwarded to the Bell County Attorney's Office. However, investigators have determined that the girl does not pose a threat to the school.

Belton ISD Superintendent Dr. Susan Kincannon released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

On February 21, 2018, the Temple Police Department notified Belton ISD that they have identified a student believed to be responsible for the social media threat against North Belton Middle School.


The safety and security of Belton ISD students is our highest priority and we take all threats seriously. As such, the District will aggressively pursue disciplinary actions through both the Belton ISD Student Code of Conduct and law enforcement agencies against any person responsible for making threats to a campus, students, or staff.
We appreciate the support and assistance received from the Temple Police Department. We acknowledge the cooperation shown by students and staff this week.


Parents are asked to talk with their students about the seriousness of making any threat against a campus, student, or staff member in any communication form or format.


Additional Temple Police presence will remain at North Belton Middle School for the next few days.

Our news partner, KWTX, reports that attendance dropped to 65% Tuesday as a result of the threat, and that the extra police presence will be maintained throughout the week.

Today marks a week since a shooting at Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in which 17 people were killed and 15 injured.

Wednesday morning, police presence at S.C. Lee Jr. High in Copperas Cove was increased after school officials received a phone call concerning a non-specific threat. Temple High School was also temporarily placed on lockdown after a suspcious bag was found on the campus.


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