If you give permission, should the police spank your children?

Here's the deal. The Houston Chronicle reports that an officer is being investigated for spanking a couple of children with the permission from their grandmother.

It seems that an officer in Haltom City near Ft. Worth is under investigation for spanking two kids who attempted to run into the street.

According the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the incident happened in November, but authorities were told about it last week.

Two other patrol officers, a neighbor, and that neighbor's ten-year-old daughter claim they saw a cop use a belt to spank a 5-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister. The grandmother of the two children, who also witnessed the incident, allegedly gave her permission.

The grandmother called the police when the two kids broke a backyard gate and ran down the street. After the officer arrived and gave the kids a lecture, the kids smirked at the officer. He then asked the grandmother if he could spank the children. She reportedly went into the house and came back out with the belt and each child got one swat across their butt.

"I have no complaints against that officer," the children's grandmother told the Star-Telegram. "We just wanted to put the fear of God in my grandchildren."

This is an ongoing investigation, so Haltom City police are not yet releasing the identity of the accused officer. They did say that the cop remains on active duty.

So your question is this:

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