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It's the time of year all pumpkins dread - the season when we mercilessly slaughter them to make yummy pies, scented candles, pumpkin spice SPAM, and jack-o-lanterns.

For all you pumpkin lovers out there, we've got a short list of things to help make pumpkin carving season even more fun.

MeiGuiSha, Amazon

If you're serious about your pumpkin carving, you want to the tools to help you create the perfect jack-o-lantern with surgical precision. This tool kit has everything you need and comes highly recommended.

So you've got your pumpkin carved, but now you've got to light it up. Do you go old school and use a candle? Do you shove a bland light bulb in there?

Naww, you throw some of these babies in for a eerie color effects!

HOOIMA, Amazon


If you can't get enough pumpkin in your life, this pumpkin shaped waffle maker should be part of your perfectly balanced breakfast.

DASH, Amazon


Once that new car smell wears off, you're always looking for something to keep your car smelling great. When fall rolls around, it's time to getcha one of these.

ChicWick Candles, Amazon


Your kitchen and car aren't the only places that should smell like pumpkin this fall.

Spray a little bit of this before doing your business. Whoever's next in line for the potty will thank you.

Poo-Pourri, Amazon
As Amazon Associates, we earn on qualifying purchases.