Make your plans now to attend the Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, March 9 through 12.

For the past 59 years, thousands of people have headed to the small town of 11,000 to checkout the diamondbacks.

Back in the day, the Jaycees began the roundup as a way to help curb the rattler population. In the 1950's,  doctors were treating 50 people a year for snakebites. Plus, the snakes were attacking the cattle, and well, that just ain't done it Texas.

The local roundup slowly turned into a county fair of sorts. Now it draws over 25,000 visitors a year, bringing millions of dollars in revenue each spring.

Over four days, thousands of snakes are butchered for meat and sold to bidders who, in turn, will use them for boot, belts, and even fit-bit bands. They even collect venom for research.

What's amazing about this is that there're always enough snakes every year. Think what the ground would look like if they didn't do this roundup!

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