We mentioned this a few weeks ago, but it's worth repeating. Snake season is upon us again. It's easy to forget that these creatures like to hide, and a Central Texas family just got a surprise they will probably remember for a while.

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KCEN is reporting that the Salado Volunteer Fire Department sent out a reminder for everyone to be aware of their surroundings. Fire officials said a family in Salado found a rattlesnake -- complete with baby rattlers -- inside a pool noodle.

How to Keep Snakes Away

You have to realize that snakes want to be comfortable, just like us.

To snake-proof your home, you should close any gaps around outside doors, window frames, or baseboards. You should also seal any holes, cracks, or crevices, especially near the crawlspace. Snakes can get into your home through a space the size of a pencil. While it's important to keep snakes out of your house, if you want to discourage reptiles from your yard, there are some other things to keep in mind as well.

Nearby water sources can cause snake issues. According to bestlifeonline.com, even the small amount of moisture in a birdbath will attract reptiles. One way you can keep snakes away from your outside area is to replace grass or mulch with gravel.

Dealing with a Rattlesnake

You should never try to grab or poke a snake. It might be harmless, but if it's venomous, the snake can react quickly and cause severe harm to you and others around you.

It's always best to leave things to the professionals if you see or suspect a snake where you live. Stay safe and alert this summer, and check your surroundings!

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