The beauty industry has been hit hard since the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are resources available to help.

Recently the Professional Beauty Association announced a COVID relief fund for individuals in the industry. Licensed beauty professionals who are out of work due to the pandemic may be eligible to receive a sum of $500.

Now I have no idea who decided that personal beauty services are not essential, but I can tell you I disagree. At least let us have hair services back. As my co-worker put it, "some of us are starting to look like ragamuffins."

The PBA COVID-19 relief fund will be based on a lottery system of eligible applicants, so that everyone has a fair chance. Only one application is accepted per person, and multiple applications for the fund will result in disqualification.

Despite their best efforts, the PBA will not be able to provide relief to every applicant due to limited resources.

Click Here to apply for the PBA COVID-19 relief fund.

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