Big news from Rice University.

I went to one year of college in 1985. I paid off the loan in 1994. I can't imagine how long it takes the kids in this day and age to pay back their education loans. If they're like me, dumb as box of bricks, and refusing to go to class before noon, then that's a waste of money and time. Luckily it was somewhat reasonable to be an immature idiot back then.

I don't have kids. (insert your own "thanks" to God here) If I did, I'd steer them away from college unless they were drop dead sure what they wanted to do for the rest of their life. Reason being, these days, that's how long it will take them to payback the money it'll cost to go to college. Higher education institutions will need to get themselves in check, or kids will stop going for fear of a lifetime of debt.

Rice University is trying to get on the road to "Lets get Reasonable". They announced that they're expanding scholarships for low and middle income families. It'll take effect in the Fall of 2019 and will impact all degree-seeking undergraduates.



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