A young boy down in San Antonio is going viral for the way he paid his respects to soldiers as they made their way through San Antonio International Airport.

According to Fox 4, Jace Pinales-Vega was at the airport with his mom picking up his dad from a recent trip to Colorado. As they were getting ready to leave, a group of sailors walked by in uniform. What their son did next took them by surprise.

Pricilla Pinales-Vega says as the sailors were walking by, Jace jumped up, stood at attention, and saluted the group. When his father asked why he did that, Jace simply stated, "Because they protect us, Daddy."

Uh, cue the waterworks.

"It’s the simple things like this that make me very proud as a father," Joe Vega wrote on Facebook. "To know that WE are teaching our children that the least they can do is show respect to the brave young men and women that serve our great nation."

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