A company in San Antonio called Universal K-9 is getting a lot of attention lately. They are a non-profit organization that allows parents and guardians to rent drug-sniffing dogs to keep the home a drug free zone.

It's between $200 and $400 bucks for the dogs to come search a home in the San Antonio area. The authorities simply let the dog alert them to a suspect area of the home, and then it's up to the homeowner to do a search of the flagged area. The police get involved in the search if bulk quantities of a substance are discovered by the K-9 but otherwise, it's up to the homeowner to search the indicated area themselves.

The popularity of the company is making people ask if this is a service that should be offered in more communities. If the service was offered in Killeen-Temple would you be in favor of using it? Would you be in favor of having the service offered in Bell County? Sound off in the poll below!