Load up the tackle box and rods, 'cause Texas' Free Fishing Day is back.

This Saturday, June 1, you can fish any public waterway in Texas without a license. This is the perfect opportunity to get out on the lake with family and friends to celebrate the arrival of summer and spend some quality time together. If you already have a license, take your unlicensed friends out with you and show them how great fishing can be. They may just join you more often.

There is a catch, though. (No pun intended.) Daily bag and size limits still apply. You can read up on state fishing regulations here.

Keep in mind that people 17 and under and those born before January 1, 1931 never need a license to fish a public waterway in Texas, and property owners don't need a license to fish on their land. You can also fish without a license at any state park.

Don't forget to tune in to On the Dock with Rick Smith, Billy Conway, and Constable Fred Churchill this Friday at 5 PM for updates on our local lakes and tips on how to reel in the big ones. If you have questions, feel free to call the show at (254) 773-1400.

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