Baylor Scott & White Health has announced that big changes are happening with their staff.

An estimated 1,700 jobs will be affected by these new changes.

Not all of these people will be laid off, however. About two thirds of them will be moved to contract work. Baylor Scott & White Health will be working with the rest of the employees to help them find new work either within the Scott & White system or outside it.

Baylor Scott & White Health representatives said that this move was made to avoid future layoffs and to better the patient care at their hospitals.

You can read an official statement from the hospital representatives here.

I am not sure if now is exactly the best time to be making drastic decisions like this that effect the lives of employees in the medical field during a global pandemic, but we just have to hope that this will truly be for the best of the patients.

We do not know exactly how many positions will be affected by this in our area, but hopefully those who are affected can find some other employment without missing a payday. Layoffs are never good, and with everything that is going on in our world we need hospital workers now more than ever. They should not have to worry about a potential layoff in their near future.

This is not the first time that we have seen mass layoffs and restructuring from Baylor Scott & White since the pandemic struck last spring, but this new change up will hopefully put them back on the right track and allow them to focus on what is important.

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