Houston, Texas is welcoming a big baby to the Lonestar state and I could be more excited! Shaquille O’Neal is his very first franchise location for his delicious restaurant big chicken in the great state of Texas by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

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The NBA Hall of Famer plans to have at least 50 locations that are delicious shakes, chicken sandwiches, and yummy tenders. When I first heard about Shaquille O’Neal bringing baked chicken to Texas I thought to myself where was the perfect place would it be for him to set up shop, he decided on Houston Texas. Still, Mr. O’Neal let me give you a couple of reasons why you should consider Killeen Texas as a location spot. I’ve been a native of Central Texas most of my life and what I know is here in Kaline only do we love great food, but we have to deserve more options when it comes to food chains. For a long time, it was just the same food chains in our area and we deserve to have a little change not only because we’re a great city, but we’re also near the largest base in the United States for Texas.


Not to mention with the military being here I just feel like we should get more recognition for our city, why do the big cities in Texas get to have all the fun and you leave the little guys out it’s absolutely not fair Mr. O’Neill you should set up shop right here in Killeen Texas and you would not be disappointed one thing for certain two things for sure we love to eat, you have fans here, and again we have the largest base in Texas United States we deserve to be a part of the franchise. I cannot wait for the big chicken to touch down in Texas I’m willing to drive to Houston to take my first bite but my second and third bites should definitely be in Central Texas!

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