Believe it or not Shipley Do-Nuts is celebrating 80 years in Texas! It was 1936 when Lawrence and Lillie Shipley opened their first do-nut shop, and back then the hot fresh do-nuts only cost five cents for a dozen.

To this day the company is still based in Houston, in the same building that the Shipley's bought some 70 years ago off of North Main Street.

Today in 2016, Shipley's operates over 300 stores in six states. Their menu currently offers nearly 60 different varieties of do-nuts and counting. By the year 2020, Shipley's hopes to open their 400th location.

It's probably a good thing that the do-nuts are no longer five cents a dozen or I don't know how I'd fit into my car to go and get them!

I mean if you haven't had a Shipley Do-Nut, can you really call yourself a Texan?