So, how was your week?

Via Ke'Sha Lopez KWTX
Via Ke'Sha Lopez KWTX

The kids and teachers at Kendrick Elementary School in Waco might have had a tougher week than you.

KWTX is reporting that Kendrick Elementary's week wrapped up with a fatal shooting two blocks away Friday morning.

It started, of course, with STAAR testing. Then on late Tuesday night, a portable classroom being used for said testing caught on fire. Then Thursday heavy wind gusts toppled a power pole and a delivery truck clipped a low-hanging power line, which left the school in the dark most of the day.

That brings us to today, Friday the 13th, when there was a police involved shooting that left a victim dead. It happened about two blocks north of the school. There was no lockdown as police told officials that the situation was under control.

Officers responded to reports of a disturbance in the 3800 block of Speight Avenue around 8:40 AM. According to KWTX, police were told a man in the neighborhood was "freaking out" (well, it is Freaky Friday), throwing things and keeping people hostage with a knife.

Someone in the house had a gun, and when police arrived, the guy with the gun was pleading with the suspect to drop the knife. Police tried to get the knife-wielder to drop it too, but he refused. An officer who reportedly felt threatened fired a shot, and it was over. He was declared dead at the scene.


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