Two delivery drivers were handed fake bills in Temple over the weekend, and one reported having been shot at while confronting one of the phony tender pushers.

Tianna Jenkins with our news partner, KWTX, reports that both incidents occurred on South 8th Street.

On Saturday, police were called to the 600 block of S. 8th around 8:30 PM after a driver for Dynasty Chinese Restaurant reported being fired upon. The driver told officers he was called to a vacant house with a delivery order of almost $70. When he realized the home was vacant, he started to drive away, but was approached by a man who said he'd placed the order.

The man gave him a $20 bill and a $50 bill, both of which were fake. When the driver got out of his car to confront the man, the latter ran off with the food. The driver chased him, and says the man pulled a pistol and started shooting at him.

Fortunately, the driver wasn't hit.

The next night, a Papa John's delivery driver was called to the 800 block of S. 8th. and was handed two fake $20 bills. No chases or gunshots were reported that time.

The video below details how to check if your money is real or counterfeit.


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