If someone disparages good folks and the state of Texas at the same time, we are most definitely going to tangle.  Leave it to one of these "un-occupied Democrats" (pun intended) type sites to be so smug as to print this:

The Texas Supreme Court has cleared the way for religious ignorance to be passed on to Lone Star State children by doing ... absolutely nothing. A lower court ruling allowed for Texas homeschoolers to legally teach their children absolutely zilch if they believe their family is waiting to be raptured.

It turns out the issue is more complex than that, as Snopes.com found out. Seems a family wanted to homeschool the kids and ran into some trouble.  A relative reported to the local school board that the family never appeared to be doing any book learning at least while he was around.

This is what this seems like:  A family squabble.

The relative making the complaint also happened to be in a business dispute with the family. The state Supreme Court sidestepped the issue,  because they didn't want to get in the middle of a family dispute.  That's another thing my mother said never to do.

Naturally, as most rumors do, one little tidbit from the relatives complaint becomes fact in the eyes of people who want to believe it. As usual,  I urge you to read the Snopes debunking to find out the real truth.

By the way, if you're the kind of person who makes up stuff about people because you don't like the religion, maybe there's a reason why faith is a gift you haven't been given. Be nice, please.

My mother raised me to never talk about religion and politics. It's a very tough mandate to be sure, but one thing I do know: I've met people from all walks of life, good and decent people. Be they Christian, Jewish, Atheist, whatever they may believe, good people don't prejudge others they have met  based on their beliefs.  Some of the most moral people I've ever known were agnostic and never spoke an ill word about anyone else.

Somehow, in our polarized society, it's acceptable for certain groups of the population to be dumped on, and you do it because once upon a time your parents made you go to church and now you don't like Jesus or his followers.  Now I know that's an oversimplification, which may or may not apply to you, but so is the stereotyping of wide swath of people as small-minded, ignorant and hateful.  It simply isn't true, and as a churchgoer myself, albeit one with far from a perfect attendance record, I take personal offense.