If you're one of those weirdos who loves the taste of pickle juice (like me), it's time to mark your calendars for June! Sonic Drive-In locations across the country will be serving up pickle juice slushies just in time for summer vacation.

The folks at Food & Wine Magazine got an early taste of the briney confection, and say it's pretty good, though maybe a little sweeter than the pickle juice you're used to. They say it's a good compliment to Sonic's burgers, tots, and corn dogs in particular.

Even better, you can have the Sonic crew add the pickle syrup to any other menu item you want, so you can get extra weird with it! Want a shot of pickle in your Sprite or chocolate malt? Go for it!

I started drinking pickle juice in the seventh grade as a way to help fight off stomach pain at track meets. I don't know if the relief was just a placebo effect, but it worked, and now I loves me some pickle juice. I can't wait to try this thing!

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