As if four years of Hillary or Trump, turns out Trump, was not enough of a scary thought, we now have to deal with the Spider Cricket.

Spider cricket right outside of our studios. Jason Eisenberg | TSM

The name alone is scary. Spider Cricket. This is what happens when you go out and leave the spiders and crickets alone on a Friday night.

O.K. so that's not true, but this lovely bug will jump when frightened, and it jumps right at the thing that frightened it. So if you see one, and try to get close to it, don't scream when it tries to jump in your mouth. Fair warning.

They will not "bite" you, but they will gnaw on you if they land on skin. These creatures will eat almost anything. So don't go dying around them.

Other names this thing goes by is cave crickets, land shrimp, sprickets, or criders. They're mostly found in forests, or caves. Also animal burrows, cellars, under stones, so be careful when hiding your house key, or in wood environments.

Now unlike the crickets, these creatures don't call out for a mate. They fart. Yep, silent but deadly. They also like to gather in large numbers, so if you don't kill them right away you're home will start to smell like bad bug porn.