Why are so many people in Central Texas sneezing and dealing with itchy eyes this week? It's the pollen.

The most recent allergy forecast for Central Texas ranks Wednesday and Thursday as pretty uncomfortable if you suffer from a pollen allergy.

Trees, grass, and weeds have really been releasing pollen this week thanks to the warmer temperatures and additional rainfall. Pollen causes inflammation and irritation that can lead to  itchy watery eyes, runny nose, itchy throat, hives, fatigue, and and overall feeling of fatigue.

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Pollen.com says the worst culprit right now in Central Texas is pollen from Juniper Trees which are usually most active in the spring. The allergenicity of Juniper Trees is very similar to ragweed which is known to make just about everyone sneeze.

The other culprit is that it's Cedar season. Cedar season spikes at the end of December and can last all the way into March. Cedar pollen is usually on the rise during windy days after a cold front has moved through the area. We've seen several over the past week with another moving through Bell County this evening.