HOUSTON (AP) — Houston police say a sports journalist who was found after she went missing over the weekend told officers she had a severe reaction to medication that led her to become confused and disoriented.

Police said Monday that 29-year-old Courtney Roland suffered memory loss as a result of her reaction to the medication and she's continuing to be evaluated at a hospital.

Authorities say Roland had covered a football camp Saturday and then late that night her mother received nonsensical texts from her daughter. Her roommate called police Sunday after being contacted by Roland expressing concern that a suspicious man was following her.

Her Jeep was found Sunday at a shopping mall in west Houston and a passer-by who spotted her walking Monday underneath a highway overpass called police after recognizing her from media reports.

Police say she appeared to have spent much of her time searching for her phone, which was found in her car.

Roland covers Texas A&M athletics for Rivals, a Yahoo!-owned online publication focusing on college sports.

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