The man accused of murdering six members of his ex-wife’s family in Spring, TX is also the subject of a restraining order obtained by his mother.

Ronald Lee Haskell was allegedly involved in a physical argument with his mother at her San Marcos, CA home on July 2. Haskell reportedly bound the woman with duct tape and held her against her will for several hours. Shortly after Haskell left her home, the woman called 9-1-1 and later obtained the restraining order.

Haskell is accused of murdering six people Wednesday – two adults and four children – and critically wounding a 15-year-old girl in their home in Spring. The victims were relatives of Haskell’s estranged wife, Melannie Haskell, who also obtained a protective order against her husband after he reportedly assaulted her in 2008.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Haskell allegedly posed as a FedEx delivery driver and attempted to enter the home of his wife’s sister, Katy Stay. Stay’s 15-year-old daughter, Cassidy, told Haskell her parents were not home. He returned a short time later and identified himself to Cassidy. The girl recognized her uncle’s name and refused to let him inside, prompting him to force his way into the home and tie Cassidy up. When the rest of the girl’s family returned to the home, Haskell reportedly tied them up as well and shot each of them in the head when they could or would not tell him the location of his wife.

Cassidy survived when the bullet meant to kill her grazed her head, and she waited until Haskell left before calling 9-1-1. She suffered a fractured skull, but relatives say she is expected to make a full recovery. She was able to tell deputies who her uncle was and warned them that he may be headed to the home of other relatives. Police were able to intercept Haskell en route, and the man led them on a 30-minute chase before being blocked into a cul-de-sac. After several hours of negotiation, Haskell surrendered peacefully.

The murder victims have been identified as 33-year-old Katy Stay, her 39-year-old husband, Stephen Stay, and four of their children: two boys, ages 4 and 13, and two girls, ages 6 and 9.

Haskell was charged Thursday with capital murder and is being held in Houston without bond. He appeared before a state district judge Friday and collapsed in the courtroom as the charges against him were being read. He was wheeled out of the courtroom in an office chair but later returned to stand before the judge, who set an arraignment hearing for August 14.

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