A major roadway in South Killeen is crumbling beneath the wheels of cars that use it, and area residents are tired of excuses about repairs. Other than an occasional pothole repair, the road hasn't had any significant improvements in years.

One of the more surprising facts about Stagecoach Road is its age. The road was just expanded to five lanes in 2016. It is currently in need of a complete overhaul, with major cracks throughout the roadway.

How Long Was The Road Supposed To Last?

According to Killeen City Manager Kent Cagle, a road should have a 15-year average lifespan before needing resurfacing work.

The Killeen Daily Herald reports a pending lawsuit from 2018 with the company that was involved in phase two of the Stagecoach Road Reconstruction Project is causing major delays.

The City of Killeen refused to pay McLean Construction, Inc. in full for two major road-widening projects after the firm would not make repairs that it said were outside the scope of its contract.

So Who Pays For Repairs?

Considering the damage last February's snow and ice caused to local roads, the big question is, 'How much will this cost taxpayers?'

Earlier this month in an ongoing series about overall road conditions in Killeen, the Killeen Daily Herald reported that the City is moving towards adopting $24 million in bonds for repairs.

Earlier this year, the Killeen City Council passed a rate increase to the city’s street maintenance fee, going from $1.70 a month per single-family household to $10.

So how much extra money will that generate for road repair? With the increase, it's expected that out of the $11 million per year coming from residents and businesses, street reconstruction will account for $4 million, and $4.3 million will go towards street repair services.

Our Roads Are Not The Best Statewide Either

Incidentally, on a list of states with the worst roadways in America, Texas landed in the worst fifth of the nation in terms of road quality. 22% of Texas roads were determined to be 'non-acceptable'.

Poor roads and bridges in Texas cost drivers an average of $682 per year, according to Spectrum News.

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